Premium Basmati Rice

Premium Basmati Rice

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We are a profound exporter and manufacturer of Khaas Premium Basmati Rice, which is a delight for everyone. Its thin form is pleasing to the eyes. This kind of rice is perfect in terms of texture, aroma and flavor. Each & Every grain fluffs up and transforms the simplest cuisine into an exotic. It is wealthy source of Vitamins, Minerals and nutrients, and has  aromatic flavours. Owing to its rich taste and high nutritional content, the Khaas Premium Basmati Rice is preferred by rice lovers all around the world.


  • Quality : Pusa Basmati Rice.
  • Avg. Grain Length : 7.40 MM (min)
  • Chalky : Less than 15%.
  • Broken : Less than 1 %
  • Moisture : 11 - 13 %
  • Red Grains : NIL
  • Green Grains : NIL
  • Black Tip Grains : NIL
  • Aroma : GOOD
  • Cooking Properties : Excellent
  • Elongation Ratio : Upto 2.5 %